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SD241911.03 || Staff Briefing Log || "What's Next?"

Posted on 03 Nov 2019 @ 9:08pm by Captain Mallory Thorne & Lieutenant Commander Finley Bell III & Lieutenant Tye Beryl & Lieutenant Talrian Bran & Lieutenant Madalene Sabine & Lieutenant Quinle Rahl

Mission: Tyr's Hand

=/\= Briefing Room =/\=

Mallory was the first one inside the briefing room. As everyone called to join them walked in, they would see their captain sitting at the head of the table--staring off into nothing as she idly rubbed her temple. She said nothing, not even a "hello," as everyone--senior staff and those specifically invited--made their way in and found places to sit. There was a heavy air, an air of expectation.

Talrian entered the briefing room noting the captain at the end of the table. He choose a seat toward the other end, affording him a good view of the room while keeping his back covered. After recent events he made the decision to move the Security department to a more tactical uniform to increase operational readiness. To that end, he entered wearing his tacvest and sidearm in a drop holster on his thigh and with a PaDD in his off hand and his large covered mug of tea in the other. He sat both down at the position he chose while giving a perfunctory "Captain". Not as a greeting, because that was obviously not going to be needed here but more as an acknowledgement of his presence at the meeting and that of hers.

He'd already got a preliminary report from the security officer stationed on the Bridge regarding the events of the last fifteen minutes and was waiting to see what would be said here before formulating his own plans and ideas.

Quinle entered the room, her head held high, her long hair was secured into an ebon twist, she nodded to Talrian, then looked to the Captain, a gentle look in her dark eyes and her, “Captain,” was offered as a greeting before she took a seat near the center of the table. Her PaDD settled in before her, her expression becoming more still as she crossed her ankles beneath her chair, settling in as if this was a seat she always took.

Madalene walked in looking exhausted she had gotten some sleep but it was restless sleep. She had a cup of coffee in one hand and a fancy looking tablet in the other. Seeing the counselor Madalene took a few seats down from there.

Lieutenant Commander Bell followed close behind, looking no better than Madalene. The casualties had been keeping him busy, and the thoughts of them kept him awake when he wasn't. He sat quietly in the closest available seat and stared off into a corner of the room while waiting.

Sydri Bardan entered the Briefing Room carrying a PADD containing the hastily prepared status on ship systems; she dropped the PADD at the first available empty spot and headed straight for the replicator. She had a no-nonsense way of walking, honed through her years in Starfleet dating back to her first days at the Academy, and long blonde hair that was caught at the nape in a ponytail. "Raktajino," she said quietly in a Federation Standard flavored by the cadence and pronunciation of her home world. She brought the cup back to her seat and sat with a grace that belied that countless hours she and everyone else in Engineering had already spent before the slingshot. It was not lost on her that she was here owing to tragedy and while she had been second in charge of Engineering for quite some time, it had always been the Chief who attended the meetings. Her green-eyed gaze that spoke of an active intelligence swept those seated at the table and concluded that exhaustion was probably widespread.

Lt. Tye Beryl entered the briefing room as she took a sip from her coffee mug. She wasn't running late, but she was one of the last (perhaps the last?) to arrive, and seeing the nearly full table, she almost missed a step and gave a bit of a sheepish smile as she nodded to the captain. The woman took a seat, setting her mug in front of her and looked around the table. There were new, though familiar faces at the briefing, and she offered those who looked her way a small smile.

Once the table was full of everyone expected, Mal looked up with a sigh. "Well, everyone, it looks like we fucked up."

The surprise at the language and bluntness was audible and visible, but she wasn't embarrassed. To her, it was actually the most succinct way to sum up their present situation. "As best I can tell, our time in the past has had those long-reaching consequences that the Department of Temporal Investigations is always harping on. We made it back to twenty-four-nineteen, but it seems that things are not how we left them.

"I don't know the extent of the changes yet, but we were not recognized as Starfleet by this...Terran Union ship that accosted us. We are being brought to their station, but we have been ordered to remain on the ship while they... I don't even know." She rubbed her temples again. "I need all of you to brief your departments as best you can and try to keep everyone calm." She then moved her hand to gesture around the table. "Which leads me to the topic of personnel.

"The fact is, we've lost many of our fellow crew. We lost more in the slingshot home, as I have since been informed. Lieutenant Kang is in a medical coma after severe injuries. Lieutenant Cates...didn't make it. Gallette, Shaw, Wallace-Shaw, and Malena were all lost before we got back. The ship must continue to function, which is why you all are here." She nodded at the junior officers.

"As of this moment, Rahl, you're in charge of counseling. Sabine, you did well helping get us home. You've got ops. Bardan, you've done well seconding Kang since the ship launched. We don't know when or if our CEO will recover, so I'm giving engineering to you. You all are now full lieutenants. Congratulations. I wish the circumstances were better." Tactical was covered, but the science department was nearly demolished by recent events so there wasn't anyone to cover that for now.

Finley clapped quietly for a second and said a quick hurrah under his breath.

Promotion through tragedy, Syd thought with a sad shake of her head. I wanted the chance but this way? She could still see the Chief lying on the deck, medical personnel hovering before initiating site-to-site transport. Maybe she would always see that but she hoped not. They were in the middle of transport when she began barking out orders.

Tye'd been at Helm when they executed the slingshot, and she'd been there when the captain, and bridge officers, learned that Starfleet wasn't something recognized here, where ever here was. None of that had been a surprise to Tye. The field promotions were a pleasant surprise, and perhaps bitter-sweet for those who earned them.

Talrian's eyes flicked to Rahl for a moment, keeping his expression neutral but he made a quick note on the PaDD.

A small widening of Quinle’s eyes accompanied the announcement that should have been expected, but there it was laid out upon the table, then she lowered her head in acknowledgement of her field promotion.

Mallory moved on. "I...hope to have more information soon, but for now, this is all we know. The floor is open if any of you have any questions or anything to add."

"Captain, I suggest we first confirm the quantum signature of the universe first before we make incorrect assumptions. It's more likely we've slid into a sidestring rather than somehow managed to blindly and clumsily broken one of the inviolable laws of reality and changed history." Talrian said, looking around for the chief from Sciences for support but didn't find anyone. That was...concerning. He obviously didn't have the latest casualty report and made another note to have that remedied as soon as possible. "Isn't there something known to Starfleet, a twin universe that Starfleet has been tangled several times in the past?"

"There is," the captain replied with visible weariness, "but so far, what we've seen here doesn't match any of our records on the mirror universe. So far."

The counselor closed her eyes for a time, then opened them to add notes on her PaDD, no need to state what might be obvious to others. Slowly she looked around the table looking to the others reactions to the news.

It still hurt hearing that they'd lost Malena, but Madalene was also used to seeing this on the freighter. Madalene made some notes on her tablet before finishing her coffee and walking to the replicator to get more. "Myself and my team have been working on checking and figuring out the quantum signature. So far something is off... Well, it seems similar, which is why it feels off..."

Mallory sighed quietly. "Care to elaborate on that for those that haven't slept much, Lieutenant?" the captain asked. "Does the similarity suggest this is our timeline but altered or a side or mirror universe, as Lieutenant Bran suspects?"

"..." Madalene opened her mouth but closed it again as she walked back to the table as she thought. "I don't think the slingshot worked. I don't think we have left this timeline. Yes, we made it back to twenty-four nineteen, just not our twenty-four nineteen," Madalene said, taking a sip of her coffee but remaining standing. "I mean, we are still shifting through all the data, but everything is pointing that we have not left this timeline."

The captain frowned slightly. "The timeline we landed in had all the marks that it was our own past. We never left our timeline in the first place... So that makes this our twenty-four-nineteen. It's just not the way we left it." She looked around at the gathered staff. "Think of everything we did over the past three days... How could we not have changed things..."

"The data does support that, at least what I've been looking at..." Madalene said, tapping a few buttons as she pulled up the data. "Now, I am not a scientist, but what I am seeing is, well.... As you can see, what we did or didn't do--not really sure how any of this works--has done considerable damage to the timeline."

Talrian hid his deep sigh by taking a long drink of his tea. Then, setting it down slowly, he knew he was about to make himself unpopular. More unpopular, he corrected himself. "If we are in our own quantum reality then we must be caught in a causal loop. The danger in that case isn't finding what we did to change the timeline but finding it so we can end the loop. Obviously we must have done so, but we're stuck here until we do. Not a prospect I relish, I'm due a care package of my Grammies cookies and I don't want to miss that.

"Mmm, cookies," Bell said. "I do love a good cookie. Love meat more. As luck would have it, this ship has been keeping me in ready supply. For that you have my enduring thanks. Since last report, three more people have succumbed to their wounds. I think the rest of the injured will survive, however," Finley paused and glanced around. "Well, I can't say they have made the right choice since we've found ourselves in a brand new Shitverse. By all means continue your techno-babble."

"The other concern, Captain is our response to this threat."

Sydri sat up straighter. Lieutenant Bran had a reputation among the crew though she tended to make her own judgement rather than rely on hearsay. Still, the Bridge's ability to respond depended upon the condition of the ship which was, to put it mildly, not good and that was being charitable. "Forgive the interruption, Lieutenant," Syd said, "but before you consider the ship's response, maybe you'd like to hear about the condition of the ship first?"

"Am I in charge of Tactical now?" he asked, looking at the Engineer.

Tye arched a brow as she looked from Sydri to Bran. He'd shown himself to be more than a bit of a grump when they first found themselves in the past, but he seemed fairly pleasant while they were collecting the former COps officer's body. His response to the engineer seemed overly harsh and she couldn't help but arch a brow towards him. "I think her suggestion to know the condition of the ship is fair given your suggestion about considering our response, Lieutenant Bran. From a navigation stand point, I'm good, but I know we're in bad shape." She looked to Sydri and offered a small smile.

Sydri returned the smile and had drawn breath to respond, when, of course, Bran had to jump in again.

Talrian sighed as he shook his head. "No, actually, knowing the Captain's orders would be more helpful so we know where to concentrate. If she wants to flee and find a safe space to hold up while we consider our options then we need to worry more about engines, flight control and deflector shields. If she wants to fight, then shields, weapons and navigation, if she wants to cooperate until the situation changes, then we can generalize and work on systems all at once. If this Terran Union wants to infiltrate our systems then we have to worry about cybersecurity. Our ship has been through two major traumas within a span of four days and we weren't a hundred percent before the second. The crew is wounded mentally and physically, that's another consideration and one that we have to prepare for. Along with making sure they understand that we will come out of this eventually." He glared around the room, shaking his head. Perhaps there was a reason Starfleet wanted to send people like him as senior staff on Starfleet vessels. People who were willing to do the hard thing no matter the personal cost. "So, again I'm asking, Captain, how do you wish to proceed?"

"What the captain would like, for the moment, is for the chief of security to stop talking and cease to act like he's the ship's executive officer," Mallory said wearily, rubbing one temple as she looked at the table full of officers much in the way a professor would their unruly students. "The XO got left behind in Hell, if you'll all remember." She paused, then continued, "If you had read the very basic preliminary report that went to senior staff before this briefing, you'd know that I've already chosen to cooperate for the time being. Nothing has been said in the past five minutes to change that plan, other than a headache."

Dropping her hand, she shook loose hair back off her forehead and took a breath. "Lieutenant Bardan, what is the status of the ship's systems at the moment?"

Sydri, who turned her attention away from Bran with a dismissive glance, consulted the PADD more out of habit than necessity. She knew the problems, knew the ramifications of the problems, and was halfway toward establishing a repair plan. And yet, when it came to speaking truth to power, she understood that they often wanted more than her, admittedly way above average, memory. The Chief had always done the speaking for the department which meant that she was, in a sense, new to the senior officers. In the time it took to turn towards the Captain and consult her PADD, she'd returned to a professional, you'll never know what cards I'm holding, calm that she'd internalized on the advice her father had given her long ago. 'Never let them see you sweat," he'd said and he'd been right. It had worked with five brothers and it had worked in Starfleet.

"We're still running diagnostics," Sydri said, "on the majority of systems but here's what I know so far. The Structural Integrity Field is hovering around 50%. We know that three of the SIF generators are offline but that alone wouldn't account for the drop so we're checking the entire system. There's also damage to one of the EPS Regulators and to the EPS Conduit which means no power for the weapons. And if that's not enough, there's also damage to the ODN so we're on backups at the moment."

"Keep looking into it and send me a full report when the diagnostics are done," she said. "Ops. Aside from trying to figure out what timeline we are or are not in, work with engineering to try to get everything in order again." She turned to the only remaining teal-collared officers at the table. "What's the status of the corporeal contingent of the ship. Casualty reports." She nodded at Bell. "Crew emotional state." To Rahl.

Madalene just nodded as she took a seat before turning to the chief engineer or at least the new chief. "If you wouldn't mind send me the diagnostics on the optical data network. I can help with repairs on those."

"Better that you come down to Engineering when you're free and I can fit you into the ongoing work," Sydri said. "It won't just be you but we're glad for the help."

"I'll follow you down to engineering after the meeting," Madalene said looking at her tablet as she wrote up some orders and finding an ops officer to take her position on the bridge allowing her to be down in engineering.

Quinle had been watching everyone quietly, her eyes shifting to Bran and his treatment of the others with an inscrutable look, observing but looking calm overall, the hollowed in circles around her eyes showing that she may have not followed the captain’s previous orders to her to make sure she was resting. “The crew is unsettled, which is likely an understatement, a feeling of the old Earth colloquialism sits underneath it all, ‘from the frying pan into the fire’. They trust, mostly in the leadership after the time jump, but the rumor of what has happened has already been passing around the ship and there is understandable concern with the ship’s integrity,” she nodded her head to Sydri acknowledging the report that had just been given, “and internal struggle with so many still in mourning, or shock from the losses, or dealing with what happened planet side.” It was an honest and brief report, her eyes moved to each person at the table, as each had their own experience with what happened. “We are all doing our best to move forward as we can, but some will not be at full capacity for some time.”

Talrian, for his part, leaned back in the chair and began reading reports on his PaDD.

"Ma'am, there were 750 crewmen before we embarked on our temporal adventure. In that time we have lost 110, with another 8 still in sickbay. As I said earlier I expect the remaining injured to recover," Finley stated.

Captain Thorne felt like she'd just been punched in the stomach. A hundred and ten...dead... She had only been in command of this ship for a few months and look at what had happened. Mal would hand in her commission on the spot, if she knew where Starfleet was to hand it to...

"Thank--" she began. Her voice was a bit hoarse so she paused to clear her throat. "Thank you, Doctor." She let out a quiet breath as she looked around at her staff. "We will be arriving at this starbase in roughly a half-hour. For the time being, we're going to play nice with the natives. We really have no other options." She looked at Bran. "We don't know what this timeline and area look like well enough to know how to hide, nor do we have the ability to fight." Her eyes moved around again. "So we go along for now, try to learn what we can and how to fix it... Anything else is a straight line to the rest of the ship joining the hundred and ten."

She brushed hair out of her face and went on, "Our priorities are to fix the ship and fix the crew. Take stock of what we have and reinforce what's broken. We need to try to learn what's happened here, because we can't fix anything until we know what we've broken." Mal paused. "Anything else?"

"Counselor, if I may have a few minutes of your time," Talrian said, ready to leave himself.

Rahl nodded to the Captain first in agreement with her assessment, her lips parting to possibly reply, but then as the Security Chief addressed her she turned her head to look to him. "Of course, I am ever at your disposal."

Seeing that there was nothing else for this briefing, Mal nodded once. "I'll let you all know more when I know more. Dismissed." She swung her eyes toward Bran. "Except for you, Lieutenant Bran. I'd like a word before you return to your duties."

"Yes, Captain," Talrian said, settling back into his chair.

Leaving the briefing room and Madalene headed down to engineering to help with the optical data-network repairs. Which was a good thing as she needed to also do some diagnostics on the computer core making sure everything was working fine. Sending a few messages out she also called down some other operation officers to help.

As Mal asked for Bran, Quinle rose and nodded to him once. "I will be in my offices when you are ready." Picking up her PaDD she turned and left the room offering everyone a smile that made eye contact with her.

Sydri left the Briefing and headed back down to Engineering. On the way, she sent word ahead for the entire department to meet in Main Engineering and indicated that she'd be there shortly.

=/\= End Log =/\=

Captain Thorne, Lieutenant Commander Bell, Lieutenants Bran, Rahl, Beryl, Sabine & Bardan


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