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SD 241910.XX || No Need to Do it Alone

Posted on 26 Oct 2019 @ 2:38pm by Lieutenant Talrian Bran & Lieutenant Tye Beryl

Mission: Tyr's Hand

The bridge of the Odin wasn't so big that Lt. Beryl hadn't overheard the conversation between Lt JG Sabine and Lt. Bran. She also knew Bran had worked himself beyond exhaustion. The idea of him piloting a shuttle didn't sit well with Tye. She called a junior helm officer to the bridge before she got up to chase after Bran. She just happened to get into the turbolift with him before the doors shut. Glancing to him, she offered a small smile, "Lieutenant, you've been to hell and back, and working on fumes. If you were one of my navigation officers, you wouldn't be flying, and since I have a bit of purview on who takes out shuttles, I'm not sure you flying is a good idea. How about I come along as your pilot?"

Talrian glared at the pilot as she started speaking, annoyed that she was interrupting but...she was right wasn't she? He was very tired. Extremely tired and could use some help. If he needed proof of that, then he just had to look at how he failed to realize that the ship's chief pilot was at her station when he asked the Ops to pilot the pod. Naturally the task should have fallen to her. He leaned against the wall and rubbed his face. "Thank you," he said, staring ahead at the turbolift's display, giving them an idea of where in the ship they are. "Not just because you're not giving me a choice in the matter, but because you're right. The captain doesn't need to lose another senior officer to idiocy."

Tye smirked slightly, "I've learned how stubborn us officers can be. When I can, I offer a choice to a point. . .given the state you are in, I would be remiss to let you fly. Let's not lose any other senior staff today, shall we? I'm here to help. We're all part of a team, and it can be easy to forget that when we are so focused on our duty. I've got your back." She offered him a warm smile.

"Thank you, once we recover her..." he swallowed before saying the word 'body'. "Once we recover her I think, I think I can take a rest. No," he said, rubbing his face again. "After the slingshot. After we know we're home. Then." He gave her a sad smile, "If I even remember the way to my quarters by then." The turbolift doors opened and he indicated he would wait for her to step out before proceeding.

"How are you holding up?" he asked as he took a few quick steps to catch up to her.

The helm officer gave a warm smile and looked to Bran as they walked down the corridor, "Oh I'm fine. Relative to what you or anyone who was planet - side went through? I got off pretty easy, all in all." She clasped her hands behind her back, "It's considerate of you to ask. I'd ask how you're holding up, but I'm guessing you're beyond running on fumes?"

"I'd be better if there were more gunfire," Talrian said, shrugging. "Gunfire helps out a lot when we have to stay alert for days." He let out a sigh. "Here, it's sitting and computers and scanners. I miss the gunfire." He shook his head. "But, that's what I'm used to. were on the shuttle weren't you? Trapped in the broken shuttle when it...happened?" He asked as they turned into the shuttle bay holding the pods.

Tye shook her head slowly, "No. . .that was Ripper, the CAG. I was busy on the bridge." She let go a sigh as he looked to the Chief Security officer, "It. . .it wouldn't have made a difference if I were flying that shuttle." She mostly believed what she said. Ripper knew how to fly, of that there was no doubt.

As the pair entered the shuttle bay, one of the senior engineers approached, "Lieutenant Beryl, we've got a shuttle ready for you." The young woman pointed to the shuttle pod sitting in the center of the bay. The shuttle bay was abuzz with activity as engineers worked on the various shuttles that returned from the rescue mission.

"Thank you, Ensign," Beryl replied and looked to Bran, "Shall we?"

"Yes," Talrian said as he looked over the pod. It was smaller than he remembered, but, it wasn't a long trip and didn't need a lot of room. Just enough for three bodies. "But, if you could, let's not get this one shot out of the sky. One shuttle crash per day is pretty much my limit." He gave a weak smile.

The helm officer offered a warm smile, "I will do what I can. Looking at the coordinates you have, we should be fine." She walked around the small shuttle, and once she was finished with the external checks, she moved inside, and motioned for him to follow. Five minutes later, the shuttle was powered up, and they had permission to launch. It wasn't anything like the catapult launch the fighters went through, and that was just fine with Tye.

As she eased out of the shuttle bay, her fingers flew across the control panel, "I'm leaving the sensors to you. We'll take this nice and slow."

"Great, more sensors cause that's exciting and thrilling," he said as he sat in the other chair. "Don't know if I'll ever be able to sleep again." But, he started up the sequences to activate the pod's scanners while also inputting the parameters from their discovery. With any luck, they'd be out and back in under and hour. Then, given the time frame, they'd soon be attempting the slingshot manuever and, hopefully, returning home. Or, at the very least, somewhere better than this hell. "Ready at your command, Captain."

Tye gave the man a slight smirk before she turned her attention back to her console, "Might as well get this over with. Proceeding to the coordinates. I'll cut propulsion when we're within 500 meters of the location."

It wasn't a long journey, but the helm officer was correct, he was beyond fumes. If not for his promise to the captain not to sleep on the bridge, which he took to mean at a panel or on duty, then he might have tried to doze while the capable pilot took them to where they were going. Instead, he continued to fight his own exhaustion. "Prepping the arms," he muttered, staring at controls which were doubling for a moment. They were approaching the coordinates and, all they had to do now was account for drift for the time spent in arrival.

"There she is," he said, pointing toward the viewscreen, unnecessarily. "Should have her aboard within minutes then," he took a moment and let out a breath. "Then go back to space...with the flying thing..." How is it that this was the 24th century and yet they hadn't found a way to conquer exhaustion that didn't lead to problems or require monitoring by a physician? Somewhere, someone needed to get right on that problem.

She was busy working the console, but allowed a small smile as she cast a glance to him, "Cutting propulsion. Reversing thrusters, coming to all-stop. I would suggest coffee, but I think your first order of business when we are done is going to be sleep. Now let's get our fallen comrade on board so you can sleep."

"Deploying arms," Talrian yawned as he also switched the view. This would be the trickiest part - making sure to retrieve the body without damaging it. In the near absolute zero of space, and for as long as the body was out here, it would be nearly completely frozen. Subjected to crushing. Fortunately, the arms had sensors to help prevent that kind of thing. All he really had to do was get a good grab with one of the arms and then let the lack of gravity help manuever it into the storage pod. "Coffee," he scoffed. "Coffee was good, until work came up behind it in a dark alley, hit it over the head, mugged it of anything valuable and then left it for dead. Kaf isn't helping much anymore either, even double brewed. Even joining up with it's sister gang raktijeno." He was concentrating mostly on the controls for the arms and letting himself ramble. "At this point I'm considering direct electrical stimulation of the heart muscle with an adrenalin pump kicker. Which should get me to just past the slingshot, then...hopefully, I can surrender to the rampaging sleep horde."

Did any of what he just said make any sense whatsoever? "Locking clamp, opening storage pod." Why did they have to go about announcing everything they were doing anyway? "Keep an eye on the viewer would you? Once she's in," he paused for several long moments..."Once she's in you know what to do better than I do, right?"

"Once she's in, you should take a nap while I get us back to the ship. If I need you, I can shout," Tye replied. She watched as Bran eased the body in. "Nice work, Lieutenant. Let's head home."

"Yes," he muttered as he retracted the arms and 'stored' them while he felt the slight shifting of the pod's movement before the intertial dampener kicked in. But, now that they retrieved the body and all that was left was the flying, he folded his arms across his chest and watched the viewscreen. "Nap," he sighed, working to keep his eyes open. "Captain said..." his chin dropped to his chest and, if not for the restraints on the seat, he probably would have slumped forward onto the panel.


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