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The Pre-Conference

Posted on 01 Dec 2019 @ 2:49am by Lieutenant Talrian Bran & Petty Officer 2nd Class Hunter Kawolski

Mission: Tyr's Hand
Location: Security Offices
Timeline: MD2 0900

Hunter Kawolski woke much later than normal and that was only because his bladder became insistent that he could no longer blithely stay in bed. But moving wasn't much of an option considering the jackhammer pounding in his head. To the point where he didn't remember getting back to his quarters last night. He knew he'd gone to the lounge to get a snack, maybe some warm milk to help him get to sleep. There he'd ran into a group of other crew that -

Suddenly the pounding in his head and the dryness of his mouth made sense. As well as the churning of his stomach. What had he eaten. What had he drank? He made it to the bathroom, suddenly his bladder no longer the most pressing concern. Just thinking about the time he had before he was ordered to appear before the security chief didn't help his stomach to settle. Despite the threats, though, he didn't think he was going to actually vomit.

Taking care of business, then debating between showering or returning to his bunk made him realize it wasn't much of a choice. A nice, hot sonic shower would do wonders for his system but...he knew of a few other tricks that would make that hot shower even more effective. Stumbling back to his bunk, he reached into his away kit and pulled out the tricorder. The scans were really a formality and confirmation of what he already knew. Intoxication, dehydration and overeating combined to make him feel like shit. He ordered up the medication combo and gave himself the injection. It was a formula he'd learned from one of his earlier training officers and he'd had it dialed into his medkit ever since.

Now that he wasn't so worried about the physical effects of last night's debauchery, he found the smell of himself more than just a little distracting. He glanced at his chrono and saw that he still had a bit of time with not much more to do for the morning. He had the shotgun shift in Medical today, which gave him a reason to not have to spend too much time with the SecChief so he could get to work on time. Taking as long a shower as the machine would let him ate up a bit more time.

Despite the medication and shower, his appetite still hadn't returned which was probably good, considering the amount of junk he ate just a few hours before. Which, unfortunately, took him to security earlier than nine.

"Hunter?" Trapper Kawolski, security warrant officer and older brother to the young PO2 corpsman, leaned out of his cubicle as the medic entered the offices. "What are you doing here?"

Hunter shrugged, admiring, as he always did, his brother in his security uniform. Long ago, when he went to join Starfleet, security was the track he wanted, just like Trapper. But between his mother's objections and Trapper's own involvement, Hunter found himself choosing to go to medical instead. He didn't exactly want to be a corpsman but he also didn't want to upset his mother and Trapper was very convincing about the terrors of security. Taking the younger brother on a day hike prior to Hunter's enlistment, he told him tales that he'd never told them before. Including harm Trapper took in his various duties. Trapper wasn't the warrant officer he was then, that would come later, but he was still and enlisted security officer and sent into the scariest and most dangerous of situations.

He made Hunter promise him to stay away from security and if he wasn't willing to do it, Trapper told him he would make sure that Hunter suffered a physical injury that would prevent his eligibility. Having his idolized older brother - his lifelong defender and role model - seriously threaten him with physical harm told Hunter how worried Trapper was regarding his brother's future. He made the decision, then, to become a corpsman so that he could still do his part to help protect and help others.

"Don't know, I got orders from Lieutenant Bran to show up today. I hope it's not something stupid, like he wants to bring me up on charges."

"For what?" Trapper said. He stood and grabbed Hunter by the arm, dragging him through the office and into a conference room. As he closed the door behind them, he faced his younger brother. "Is there something you haven't told me about your away mission?"

"No," Hunter said, but he had his doubts. He knew that Erickson was in the brig for insubordination and, well, Hunter was sure some of his own comments and actions probably came out the same way. Erickson was more abrupt and obvious in his actions, but Kawolski had directly challenged the lieutenant as well. But, wouldn't Bran have mentioned something about it the other night when he pulled Kawolski out of bed and to his quarters to treat his wounds.

That the lieutenant had done that led Hunter to believe he wasn't facing charges of his own. Maybe it was about testimony against Erickson. Testimony Hunter didn't want to give. He understood some had religious objections to testifying against others and he suddenly wished he could claim such privilege. He didn't agree with how Erickson conducted himself but, well, he couldn't dismiss the sentiment the other enlisted espoused.

"I don't think I did anything wrong, at least not that he'd bring up this late. Right? I mean, he's pretty much a direct hothead. Would he really wait this long?" Hunter asked. He didn't know how much more Trapper knew of his boss but, well, he was here far more than Hunter was. Trapper should know something more about him. But, considering the man's spartan and empty quarters, his work drive, he didn't think the lieutenant did much to encourage his subordinates to consider him 'friendly'.

"Then why are you here?" Trapper asked. He shook his head. He didn't like it, not one bit. As Hunter suspected, Trapper knew very little about his new security chief. Mostly he knew the man was distant and aloof. He expected others to function at peak efficiency and perfection. He'd instituted daily PT training for all department personnel (not something Trapper minded, he'd already kept up his own PT regimen) and was enforcing fitness standards. Many were growling at extra duty involved with training, including continuing education training and skills certifications.

In short, the new security chief was running this department as if it were a Marine platoon and not making many friends doing it.

Hunter shrugged once more. "I really don't know. He just sent me orders to be here at nine." He checked his chronometer and realized it was only a few minutes before nine. "I'd better get to his office," he said, glum. "But if you know anything please tell me. I don't like this kind of surprise."

"I don't," Trapper said, his face showing his worry and concern over his brother being called into security. "But if he begins questioning you about anything you ask for representation right away. Right. Away." He stopped forward and gripped Hunter's shoulders. "You understand me? Don't jerk around and think you can wait. The moment he starts going in a direction that could relate to charges against you, you stop and ask for representation. I'll be out here, waiting for you to be done."

Hunter nodded. He failed to consider that he'd have need for such protections. But it was good advice. He checked his chrono one more time and nodded, uselessly, as Trapper led the way out of the conference room and back to the offices proper.

Where they'd run into the security chief as he was entering the area.

For a brief moment Hunter felt the security chief glared at him as if he were a new and interesting species of bug that he was about to pin to his collection board.

"Warrant," Talrian said as he handed a PaDD in his direction. "They're preparing for the autopsy. I want you there to get scans and results as soon as they're available."

Trapper reluctantly took the PaDD. Technically investigations fell to him. He would have been more involved in this morning's discovery but, well, it was a senior officer and there were protocols in place for that.

"Yes, sir, but I wanted to-"

"You have your orders, Warrant," Talrian said as he turned dismissively away. He glared at the petty officer in his blue uniform for only a few brief seconds. "In my office, Corpsman," he stated before he began walking toward the stated destination. He didn't turn his head to make sure the young man was following. He expected him to follow orders and if he didn't, then he'd come to regret it.


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