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SD 241911.29 || New History

Posted on 29 Nov 2019 @ 4:06pm by Lieutenant Tye Beryl

Mission: Tyr's Hand
Timeline: Takes place after the drinking JL

(OOC: This takes place after the drinking JL that is still in progress))

Lt. Tye Beryl wasn't sure what to make of this new. . .version of their timeline. She had been an orphan, and hadn't been adopted, so she didn't have family to miss. She knew she was the exception to the rule on the Odin. Could they get back to their 'normal' timeline? If not, what did that mean for everyone?

Currently, she was stuck on the ship, and it gave the helm officer time to do a bit of research. How much was different? They had access to the station libraries, and since she couldn't go to the station herself, had time to kill. It didn't take long for her blood to run a bit cold. Instead of an alliance with the Vulcans, Terrans made an alliance with Andorans, and since they were a bit more militaristic, it meant the alliance Earth ended up in was more militaristic, and consisted of the Andorans, Terrans and Klingons with a bit of an unsteady relationship with the Romulans.

The knock-on effect of this new timeline meant the Federation wasn't there to help Bajor, and it was still an occupied world of the Cardassians. Bajorans were treated as an oppressed people, forced into service of the Cardassians and their allies.

In their original timeline, Tye was an orphan, and had grown up in an orphanage, and she'd never known her parents. She knew she was half human and half Bajoran, and the orphanage was really good at helping her explore both her Terran and Bajoran heritage. Her DNA suggested her Terran side was of Nordic descent, while her Bajoran side was from the Hill province.

The current timeline's Hill Province was the site of an uprising that resulted in a massacre of thousands of Bajorans when the Cardassians cracked down on the protesters. Prior to the uprising, it looked as if Cardassia was in talks to withdraw from Bajor. Unfortunately, the result of the uprising meant Cardassia doubled-down on their control of Bajor, and tightened their grip on the occupied world.

In essence, the people of Bajor were slaves to Cardsassia, and that thought gave Tye chills. To think of any people being enslaved was bad enough, but to know her people were? A flood of emotions and chaotic thoughts swirled in the helm officer's mind. What did it mean for her in this timeline? Was it safe for her to leave the ship and head to the station? There seemed to be a truce with the Alliance of Worlds and Cardassia, though Cardassia wasn't a member. There'd been rumors Cardassia might wish to join, but Tye wasn't sure if there was any substance to those rumors.

Turning off her monitor, Tye pushed herself back from her desk and went to a cabinet in the main room of her quarters. From the cabinet, she pulled out a bottle of scotch and grabbed a tumbler. After what she'd read? She needed a stiff drink. . . or five.


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