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SD241911.30 || Group Log || "Cheers to the Wish You Were Here"

Posted on 30 Nov 2019 @ 10:01am by Lieutenant Quinn 'Angel' Romanov & Petty Officer 3rd Class Lorelei Romanov & Lieutenant Tye Beryl & Lieutenant Madalene Sabine & Lieutenant Quinle Rahl & Petty Officer 2nd Class Hunter Kawolski

Mission: Tyr's Hand
Location: Mess Hall
Timeline: T

"Here's to the ones that we got
Cheers to the wish you were here, but you're not
'Cause the drinks bring back all the memories
Of everything we've been through

=/\= Begin Log =/\=

It was "late." In terms of the time on the chronometer. For those on the late shifts of the ship, it would just as easily feel early. But for Quinn and Lorelei, it was late.

The twins had been pretty successfully hovering around one another since they got back from the godforsaken planet that shared a name with their home world. Now they had agreed that they didn't want to sequester themselves away entirely, so they had found a secluded corner of the mess hall. At this hour, it was dimly lit and their corner was a tad shadowy, which helped obscure the collection of liquor bottles under the table--just in case anyone came in who could make trouble over it.

"Na Zdorovie," Quinn said, his voice dropping an octave with the brief change in language as he lifted the glass.

His sister echoed him, and they both drank.

The counselor had been picking up a late meal, a habit of eating out of her quarters and making herself available if anyone needed had seen her in the mess more. Yet this time she had ‘cheated’ in her own mind, choosing to eat late when fewer people would be around.

Seeing the twins and noting what was under the table, Quinle smiled into her napkin as she cleaned her lips, then placed the fabric on her tray. Rising, she cleared her place and returned her tray before walking over to the pair, speaking quietly, “Nice to see some people taking a quiet moment to enjoy.”

Madalene was exhausted working way past her shift--not quite to a double shift but close. Madalene noticed the counselor and the twins, or well, they looked like twins. She actually didn't know if they were or not. "Are we having a party?" she asked, walking over when she noticed a particular Benzite. "...and I thought I told you to get some rest?"

Davvo looked up sheepishly. "You did el-tee, and I did go and lay down for a little bit, but brain wouldn't shut off. So I came down here for a nice cup of tea and kinda ended up over here," he said sheepishly.

Madalene allowed a small smile and nod. "Alright. May I join?"

"Of course," Lorelei said, waving her hand--which had a bottle still in it. "The more the merrier, but nobody is working right now. Name of the game is getting drunk and that's it. Those the rules." The petty officer took a long drink from her bottle and then set it on the table. "Don't think I know y'all. I'm Lorelei Romanov. Romanova if you want to be really particular."

"Quinn Romanov," the squadron leader sat beside her said, taking the bottle she put down and also drinking straight from it. "Her brother."

"Twin brother."

"Twin brother," he agreed.

"Madalene Sabine, Chief of Operations. And this here is Davvo, my quartermaster." Madalene looked at the bottles. "Damn! Where the hell did this all come from?" she asked.

Insomnia was a terrible thing. Tye decided to throw in the towel in attempting to sleep when her stomach started growling. Sure, she could get something from the replicator, but she found the silence of her quarters to be somewhat deafening. She needed to be around others, even if it were only a handful of stragglers in the mess hall. . . at least she was expecting stragglers. The mess was a bit more crowded than expected, and there were a couple of familiar faces. She couldn't help the little smirk that cropped up when she saw Quinn. He was joined by a woman who had to be his sister and then the new COps and the quartermaster.

She grabbed a sandwich and headed for the table, "Do y'all have room for one more?"

Before Quinn could reply to Madalene, Tye walked up. That drew a smile from him. "Always," he said, gesturing at the chairs. "We may need to pull up some more." His dark gaze swung back to the ops chief then. "As for where... Well. I'm a pilot. We are as known for our liquor stashes as old Earth dragons hoarded their gold. Help yourself."

Tye pulled a nearby table over and took a seat opposite Quinn and his sister. She smirked as she looked at the line of bottles, "He's not wrong about pilots and their liquor stashes, though mine is minor compared to this." She reached for a bottle of gin, and helped herself, pouring the gin into the glass of ice she'd gotten with her sandwich. "Next time, I'll bring my own stash with me," she said before taking a big bite of her BLT.

Madalene made herself a drink well it really ws just a tumbler with two well it really was three fingers of tequila. "Mmm....damn this is good. Where in the hell did you find good tequila?" Madalene said walking over and taking a seat with the rest of the group while Davvo joined but was drinkless.

Quinle smiled and lowered her head at the ‘no working’ clause, then she slipped into a chair. Others arrived so she waited until the newcomers sat then she spoke. “Quinle Rahl and I will take anything that will make me breathe fire after.” Instead of planting her feet equally as she normally would she tucked a leg up underneath her other and leaned back into the chair.

Kawolski was just hoping to get away and maybe get a bit of perspective. He'd received the notice on his PaDD hours ago that he'd received orders to report to the security chief in the morning. Since then he'd been out of sorts, unsure what the security chief wanted with him this time but, in the end, the why didn't matter. Only that he was being summoned. He tried to put it out of his mind, tried to get some rest but he found himself tossing and turning more than anything else. And, being quartered with three others didn't help matters.

He was looking for a bit of alone time, maybe a late night snack, when he entered the mess and saw that everyone there was grouped in the far corner. While they weren't raucous, they had the look of a group that would be in other circumstances. Except for...was that the counselor? He recognized the pilot from their mission together and the others were faces.

But a raucous group may just be what he needed. He walked over and then noticed the not so well hidden bottles. "Is there a cover charge for this party?" he asked, walking over to join the group.

The group just kept growing, but Lorelei was a "people person" and she enjoyed that fact. She flashed a grin at the latest addition. "Only cover charge is that none of us are working and all of us are drinking. Grab a bottle."

Meanwhile, Quinn chuckled. "Pilots always know where to find the real stuff, and it almost always involves the darkest, dingiest bars on the lowest level of any given space station." He riffled through the bottles and found one in particular, handing it to Quinle. "Fire-breathing. Right there."

Madalene smirked as she took a good swig of the tequila enjoying the burn."I must have been a pilot in a past life or just a Boomer. I also know where the darkest, dingiest dives are. Must be a genetic thing." She laughed.

"I'll take whatever gets me to believing the evil troll is just a character in a story," Kawolski said as he pulled over another chair. He looked around the table and wondered why there weren't any snacks. But, a glass of something amber and smelled like paint would strip itself within meters of this stuff seemed to be just the thing he wanted.

"I don't know if we have enough liquor for that," Quinn said, his gaze briefly but intensely sober and knowing as he met Kawolski's eye. Quinn had a good idea he knew who the evil troll might be.

"I don't know if we have enough in general," Lorelei commented with a smirk. She eyed the helm officer's sandwich. "I am also thinking food. We may need food. What do y'all think?"

"Yes, that sounds great!" Kawolski said, maybe a little too eagerly and quickly. "Chicken wings sound great, nachos too! And, well, if we don't have enough of the good stuff to drink, it's basically just ETOH mixed with other things. I can get ETOH from the replicator if necessary."

“Perfect,” Rahl said as she smiled at Quinn, taking the bottle and pouring herself a glass. “Food always goes well with drink.” She lifted the glass and smelled the alcohol then pulled back slightly at the smell and blew out a whew sound, her smile widening. “Especially on our heads in the morning.” There was a teasing tone to her voice in the moment, “But I am unsure I know why you would take wings off a chicken, they have less of the meat don’t they.”

Quinn laughed warmly. "I guess you'll just have to learn," he said easily as he nudged his elbow into his sister's ribs. "Go get us food."

She slapped him upside the back of the head. "Get it yourself, neanderthal."

He held his hands out with a 'what did I do?' look. "You're on the edge. I'm blocked in."

"Fly over the top," she returned.

Quinn rolled his eyes.

Tye had a mouth full of sandwich, but didn't let it stop her, "Pizza and fries are good too." She smirked at the twins, "Course. . . y'all both could get food." She washed down her mouthful with a swig of gin.

“Pizza I know, it is always good.” Quinle agreed smiling at the twins argument. “Sorry I can’t make a recommendation there as I was to.d I am off duty at this table.” The good natured grin she gave them was followed by a sip of the alcohol, which she rolled around in her mouth slowly before drinking down.

"Oh, for crying out..." Kawolski said, setting the glass on the table in front of him. "Tell you wait, I'll help whichever one of you with the food run, in exchange for a double of whatever's in that teal bottle on the far side of the table. So far we've got wings, pizza, sliders, popcorn, fries and what else?"

“Some larish pie?” Quinle requested. “A Bajoran I knew ordered it all the time when we would drink.. I mean study of course... at the academy.”

"The Academy must be a lot more fun than bootcamp," Kawolski said, still eyeing the teal bottle.

"larish pie!?" Tye exclaimed. "Wishing I thought about that before grabbing the BLT," she added and then looked to Kawolski, "I'll help wrangle food, but it was fun to watch the twins fight it out." She smirked.

"I'm sure we're not done with that," Kawolski said as he stood. "Don't care who's helping with the food, let's just go get it. I get the feeling I'm a bit behind already."

Lorelei rolled her eyes dramatically and then got up. "Fine. I'll go, but this order will take more than just my two arms so the help is appreciated." She pursed her lips at her brother with A Look before turning back to Kawolski. "Come on, let's get the food for the masses and you can have as much of whatever the fuck you like." She nodded and then marched off the replicator without checking if anyone was following.

"Whatever fuck I'd like?" Kawoski muttered as he watched her ... assets ... departing. Then, with a jerk, he followed after her to start ordering and ferrying foodstuffs back to the table. He made sure to order lots of wings, BBQ meatballs, cheese sticks, crab rangoon, wonton, eggrolls, pizza, deep fried macaroni. He waited while Lorelei ordered what she was going to order. The whole time, however, she was close to him and...her brother was also in the room, watching.

Tye happened to catch Kawoski as he admired the departing Lorelei and rolled her eyes as he departed the table, "So predictable." She snorted and looked to Lorelei's brother and then the counselor, "I haven't met too many people who like larish pie. . .I'm guessing if you're requesting it, you liked it?"

The counselor had been following the ‘no work’ rule and had settled in with her drink watching the others, though watching others probably was a definition of her job, just with much less alcohol which mean she was unable to keep her expression neutral as she watched the argument and Kawolski’s ogling of Lorelei.

Turning to Tye, “I loved it, I actually like experiencing different types of food people grew up with.” Holding up a finger she looked to Quinn as if reminding herself to not talk about work. “I enjoy getting to know people.”

A second glass of the fighter fuel that she had been provided with followed the first and she giggled and covered her lips with her fingers, the color on her cheeks deepening as she was unused to making such a little girl sound, and as if to defeat her ‘I am totally a composed adult’ attempt she then giggle snorted.

Lorelei didn't have much to add after everything Kawolski did. If she noticed him watching (she did), she didn't let on. She was used to it. She just added the larish pie that the counselor requested and then some corn chips and hot salsa. With that, she would swear she heard the replicator groan and they began ferrying the food to the table.

Madalene walked back over to the drink table and picked up the bottle of tequila she knew she shouldn't do another one but well with everything they went through would anyone blame her. Pouring some well a little bit more than last time. "Easy boss lady...." A soft purr could be heard from behind her.

"....Davvo I would consider that seeing as I ordered you get some rest. And yet you are here." Madalene said slurring her words slightly. She had been drinking at a early age the plus side of growing up on a freighter she was still a light weight. Davvo nodded as he continued to learn more and more about his boss with each new interaction.

"WHOA!! Party foul!" Kawolski said, maybe a bit louder than normal, as he grabbed the teal bottle that he wanted earlier and a good sized glass. He may have a whopper of a hangover when he met with Lieutenant Stickuptheass, but at least he'll have a night of fun doing it. "What's the penalty for the party foul?" he asked the assemblage.

"No fouls, no penalties," Quinn said, knocking back his next glass and slamming it on the table to pour another. "Not tonight."

"However, anyone who drinks so much that you pass out, you're on your own. I am not carrying anyone's sorry ass outta here in the middle of the night," Lorelei declared with a dismissive wave before snatching a mozzarella stick from the plate.

"Kind defeats the purpose of the 'no work' rule if there's no consequences to it," Kawolski said as he loaded up a plate with wings, rangoon, mozzarella sticks to start. He also refilled his glass from the teal bottle.

"That's different," Quinn said with a half-full mouth. "If anyone talks work, they just have to go sit someone else. It's not a consequence so much as...rearrangement." He waved a tortilla chip around. "And I don't think that was work so much and consideration for rest after hell."

Tye popped the last bite of her blt in her mouth and washed it down with a bit of gin as she watched the exchange between everyone, "Consideration for sure, though borderline order-like, but given everything, probably a needed one, so she gets a pass. I say everyone gets one pass."

“I think consequences define work! No consequences,” she agreed with another glass of the alcohol and some of the pie, then all the others finding the chicken wings. Pausing after the first bite she began to pull the meat off the bone and going quiet and she demolished a few before speaking again. “Besides I would rather eat food than talk about work.”

"Not everyone," Kawolski grumbled while enjoying a hot, gooey mozzarella stick liberally dipped in marinara. He figured he'd finish his plate, have another drink or two and then try the sleeping thing again. Tomorrow, he was sure, was going to be a real bitch considering how the day would start.

Before the end of the drinking session Quinle ended up with her jacket open, a white tank exposed with a clearly not neutral bra beneath it, with her legs tucked up under her in criss cross applesauce style. Her elbows had solved plates out of her way to lean on the table. Also fairly sure pieces of food would be found dropped down her cleavage when she undressed, if she managed to undress more, for bed.

Once the food was gone, the liquor was gone, and a few items of clothing were gone, everyone was suitably disheveled. Lorelei was the most sober of the group--though certainly not sober--as she looked around at everyone in their various situations. She smirked and then leaned her head back against the bolster, which is how most of the group stayed until the maintenance rota woke them up and chased them out a little while later...

=/\= End Log =/\=

Toast to the ones here today
Toast to the ones that we lost on the way
'Cause the drinks bring back all the memories
And the memories bring back, memories bring back you

Quinn Romanov, Lorelei Romanov, Quinle Rahl, Tye Beryl, Madalene Sabine, Hunter Kawolski


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