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SD 241911.xx || JL Lt/CPO Sabine/Davvo || "Rest: An Important Thing"

Posted on 17 Nov 2019 @ 3:03pm by Lieutenant Madalene Sabine

Mission: Tyr's Hand
Location: Quartermaster's Office

=/= Begin Log =/=

Madalene was tried but was feeling better well better wasn't the right wording. Or maybe it was. Knowing what needed to be repaired and fixed was good. Knowing she was the now chief operations officer but at what cost.

.....A soft low growl could be heard. The Ferasan was frustrated with the situation they were in. Davvo picked up yet another PaDD with yet another requisition. As he tried to stay ahead of them and get them in order of most needed to least. Once they were in order he hit a couple of buttons he transferred the que of requisition to the small poll table.

This was gonna take some time. It was one thing of steading the boat and a completely different thing to steering it. "....ah Chief Davvo, do you have a moment for a status report."

"Y yes of course lieutenant," the male Benzite said finally looking up. "....umm well all the departments need something and we only have so much." Davvo said sounding a bit manic.

"Chief, when was the last time you slept?" Madalene said knowing that her department was in charge of a lot and well the quartermaster was a vital part in the cog.

"I I am fine ma'am....I've taken a couple of power naps." Davvo said with a smile.

Bringing her tablet up she did a quick check. "Well according to this you are several hours past a double shift. So I need you to go get some food and actual rest." Madalene said sympathetically, "...I can handle this and the department has others that can help."

"Yes, right of course ma'am," Davvo said knowing the lieutenant was right it was just like probably what was feeling guilt. He tapped a few buttons on the pool table. "....all supply requisitions have been inputted....I have ordered them but that order might change once we get the inventory done." Davvo said as the list came up.

"Very impressive chief but please go get some rest. I'll handle the inventory. Thank you for your dedication excellent work." The male Benzite bowed his head.

"Lieutenant," He said taking a few things before leaving the small office. Taking a seat she started looking through the que. He was right there was a lot. Taking a deep breath she started working through them. For now she just needed to get something back to whoever sent in the requisition. The next several hours of work was dealing with all of that before she could even move onto her next task.

=/= End Log =/=

Lt Madalene Sabien, COps, USS Odin/CPO Davvo, Quartermaster, USS Odin, NPC (apb Taste)


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