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A Little Help Now and Then

Posted on 30 Nov 2019 @ 4:15pm by Lieutenant Talrian Bran & Lieutenant Quinle Rahl

Mission: Tyr's Hand
Location: Counseling Offices
Timeline: following ...

Talrian moved quickly through this section of the ship. It was one of the areas he wasn't comfortable. There were memories from the previous host: memories of experiences from the host. Only, Talrian knew they weren't just from the host but a conglomeration of host and symbiote. He still worried that Bran harbored some of those same issues.

Plus, there was the natural reticence of a warfighter in the presence of someone whose profession taught that the way he acted was wrong. That what he enjoyed, how he viewed his contribution to the galaxy was psychologically unhealthy. And in that insufferably calm and quiet manner. It was...

He arrived at her office - which was another thing. They could have met anywhere else on the ship. He didn't mean his office but somewhere less...counseling. Less her turf. It even looked calm and zen and quiet. He hated all of it. At the very least it could be less...peaceful.

He glanced around to see who was noticing his presence while he waited for his chime to be answered.

Processing what had been discussed at the briefing, including the not unexpected promotion, Rahl was standing by the window in her office, hands behind her back. The dark of the sky hid her expression as she contemplated the trips through time they had made.

Quinle did not keep whomever was at the door waiting, “Enter.” Her permission given as calmly as she faced about anything. The door sliding open, the counselor turning on her heel to greet Bran. “How may I help you?” No polite niceties between them, but her voice held a note of respect as she addressed him.

Talrian slowly entered the room, as cautious as entering into any enemy territory. "I'm sure you realize, after our staff briefing, that every department needs each and every member working at optimum efficiency if we're going to be successful at surviving this timeline. In that regard, I'm here to speak to you about Cindreth and your no duty orders for him."

“He is not prepared for full duty.” She said simply as she looked to Talrian holding up a hand as if to brook no retort from him, then she continued. “Yet, I agree that we need everyone contributing right now, so I offer a compromise that I think will help all three of us. As I said in the meeting people are concerned with what has happened. He is not the only one that is not at full strength, some are concerned with leadership’s ability to handle situations and they are beginning to speak their concerns amongst themselves. As I am concerned with the morale and health of the ship’s personnel and their ability to function optimally I propose that Cindreth works for us both in this way. He can continue to recover and while he does he stays off full duty while letting me know of crew issues, which allows me to keep you informed on anything that might become a threat. He will not be encouraged to use his gift, but to use the abilities Starfleet, and you, have given him in observation.”

Talrian folded his hands across his back, listening to her. "I agree that he's not prepared for full duty," he finally said after a few quiet moments. "I was hoping I wouldn't have to fight him, or you, on that matter." He sighed. He wanted so much to ask, to know if Cindreth was improving or if what happened to him would be more...permanent. "You present a good argument. I'm not a fan of the 'morale officer' this situation, we need to know the mood of the crew."

He frowned for just a moment. "If he agrees. This is not something I can..." he trailed off, turning his head so he saw outside the window at the vastness of space beyond. If he was going to pride himself on being a forthright, honest person, then he needed to be honest with himself. "This is not something I should order him to do. But if he agrees."

“As much as I enjoy my job and being of use to others, I would prefer that I was not needed as much as I have been of late. Nor do I wish circumstances that create a need for this.” Rahl admitted softly, “I do not wish to be a morale officer.” Closing her eyes then taking a long slow breath that she exhaled just as slowly. “The negativity affects others and it breeds minor issues that create underlying dissent, that dissent makes people focus on the negative and it will take multiple positive acts to overcome a single negative if we, together, can not stop this in its infancy.”

There was a soft urgency in her voice, and a small hesitation showing that she likely did not wish to say what she was about to. “The state of the ship means that if these feelings are not handled now, your department will be needed more.” It was left hanging in the air unsaid that the action would be against their own crew. “I will speak to Cindreth, I hope he accepts as I think it will be good for his state of mind to have your support.”

"Of course he has it," Talrian said, frowning. "Why would that even be a question?"

“Because my asking him to step out of his job within security might make him uncomfortable, especially as he is not technically on full duty, might make him worry I am overstepping which may cause issues for him with you.” She answered with a small raise of her eyebrow. “Is there another reason he may worry?”

Talrian clenched his jaw as he turned back to the window. With an offhand shrug, "I've heard things being said about me. About the monster I am." He continued to stare into the darkness, remembering the cautions of staring too long into the abyss. "About what I did to him."

Quinle spoke quietly as she tipped her head. “He and I have so far dealt only with how to keep himself in a calm space, we have not really talked about what happened. Maybe you could fill me in on your side of this so I am aware going into it with him?”

Talrian remained turned to the window, quiet and tense. He remained that way for some time, debating internally and forcing himself to keep from just turning and walking away. He had what he wanted, confirmation that Cindreth was not fit to return to duty at the moment. He got more than he wanted with a plan to allow him to do something that would fulfill his need to be useful. But...

"When the ship was first flung back to Earth and systems were frelled, we had no communications and the need for many teams to go in many directions. We needed to communicate. I had all the telepathic personnel on board get together together. Cindreth was the focal point of it. Then, knowing the danger, knowing how it was affecting him, I took him on a mission so that we could stay in contact with the ship and track down crewmates. It...the's energy upon energy. Energy can't be destroyed but it can synergize. And this did. In the end he was in the head of hundreds of thousands. Maybe millions. I had Kawolski," Talrian shook his head, "the medic was warning me but I did the analysis. One life in exchange for hundreds? The math is pretty simple."

She let him keep his distance as he spoke, another person she might have closed with and offered support but she did not think he would appreciate that. “You did what a leader does. We can not allow the good of one to overcome the good of the many. I know it was not easy on him, but it could not have been easy on you either, knowing what you were doing to him.”

"No, Counselor," Talrian said, turning to face her. "It was easy. Knowing what was happening to him didn't make it harder. That it worked made it easy. As I said, the math was pretty easy."

“I see. I would hope for me it would have made it difficult, but not being in that position makes me realize I do not know how I would make a decision such as that.” Her words were, as always, completely honest with him. “How do you feel now about the decision? Satisfied that it worked?”

His jaw clenched as he glared at the counselor. Then, "Let me know how the conversation with Cindreth goes," he said before turning to the door.

“I will do that,” she replied. As he passed her she said something softly, “I hope you rest well.” It was pleasant, and genuine, as she always was, a polite reminder that she was not looking to fight with him.

Talrian stopped and half turned. He wasn't aware he was about to speak but still he stopped himself, then, with a shake of his head he left her office.


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