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SD241911.03||Bardan and Sabine||Coordinating with Ops

Posted on 05 Nov 2019 @ 2:43pm by Lieutenant Madalene Sabine

Mission: Tyr's Hand
Location: Chief Engineer's Office, Main Engineering

Sydri sat at the desk, going over the duty assignments and roster, in an office that was devoid of personal touches which made sense given that it would probably be a while before she felt that it belonged to her. Promotion through misfortune. Never a good thing. Ever. She took a sip of coffee as she transferred Hallahan to the Alpha Shift and put her on Job Control. Sovek, with the endless reserves of energy that came with his Vulcan physiology would be on the first shift, could tackle triage on the Structural Integrity Field. In Engineering, everyone had specialties and for Sovek, one of those was the SIF. She added him in to the group that would join her in sleep deprivation and looked up to see Lieutenant Sabine at her door. She smiled and gestured for the Lieutenant to enter.

"Lieutenant," Madalene said she was still carrying her specialized tablet. " what are we looking at. How bad are we off?" She asked taking a seat.

The enormity of the question stopped her for a moment; she smiled wryly as she said, "The ODN, right." She gestured for the Lieutenant to come around the desk as she called up the schematics. "Diagnostics on the ODN are complete now. Three of the ODN trunks to the computer cores are damaged. Now, as you know, even one can handle the entire load for the computer, so it's not urgent. Still, I have two specialists that, together with yourself, could get the entire job done in maybe ... six hours?"

Looking at the diagnostics. "Yes you are right looks like about 6 hours maybe a little bit more. As we'll be needing to run diagnostics on the core after some of the repairs." Madalene said pinching the bridge of her nose. "....I am gonna need to look at our inventory on parts. We are gonna need to be smart on our resources."

"Agreed," Sydri said with a tired sigh. Her hand automatically sought the edge of her coffee cup and curled around the warmth of its circumference. "I have people examining the cables for breaks as well." She paused for a sip, closing her eyes momentarily as she drank. "There are a lot of unknowns in all of this, I know. For now, I'm focusing on what I can put right ... the ship." Her glance strayed down to the cup she held. "Sorry, would you like some?"

"Please," Madalene said with a small smile. "Makes sense. On the plus side power and power reserves are holding stable for now which'll make repairs slightly easier." Madalene said with a small smile as she took a sip of her coffee.

"We'll be keeping watch as I'm sure you will be as well," Sydri said. "I'm in the middle of setting up the duty roster for the next three days. Figuring out expertise versus level of exhaustion and most immediate needs." She offered up a wry grin. "The eternal juggling act, I know, but so far, I think we're going to be able to do it. Oh! I could have someone do the hardware checks before you start the software diagnostics, if you like."

"Yes that would be wonderful. I'll also check with the captain and see if she'll be okay with assigning some double shifts for certain repairs that need to get done quicker." Madalene said making some notes on her tablet. Which was right next to a program that was monitoring power usages.

Sydri nodded as her gaze returned to the duty roster. "Alright. I'll get someone on the hardware checks right away. I think ... Sovek ..." She cross-checked specialities and nodded again. "Yes, Ensign Sovek. He's got some time left before I force him to rest and the expertise to understand what he's seeing. And I'll have the two specialists for you in about two hours, if that's alright?"

'Yes that'll be perfect. That'll give me time to work with the quartermaster and do some inventory checks." Madalene said, " well as double checking the industrial replicators." Madalene said finishing her second cup of coffee but knowing that she'll be having many many more. "Anything else we need to go over?"

"Not that I can think of," Sydri said. She watched as the Chief of Operations finished her coffee, set the mug down and headed out before returning to the schedule. "Now where was I," she murmured. "Oh yes, have to put Sovek on those hardware checks ..."

Lieutenant Sydri Bardan
Chief of Engineering


Lieutenant Madalene Sabine
Chief of Operations


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