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SD241911.003||Sydri Bardan||Engineering Briefing

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Mission: Tyr's Hand
Location: Main Engineering

Sydri Bardan, after updating the pips on her collar, headed back to Engineering. The enormity of the situation threatened to swamp her but it wasn't until the doors of the turbolift closed that she permitted herself a few moments to react. Someone had once told her that to be a Starfleet officer, you really had to embrace the weird and she supposed this came under that heading. As an Engineer, she had learned early on how to compartmentalize. For now, her focus had to be on the ship, the one part of the life she knew that still existed. Whatever the Bridge decided to do, they would need the Odin working at peak efficiency. This was something she could focus on, put effort into, and as a happy coincidence, help her to manage the fear of never seeing home again.

[Main Engineering]

Three shifts of engineers gathered together in Main Engineering. They were a large department but then, the Odin deserved no less. Sydri knew most of them by name and skill set and more than a few through time spent hunched over consoles or crouched in Jeffries tubes. The mood at the moment was a somber one and that was without knowing the details. You didn't have to be an empath to feel the tension rippling through the room as she walked through the crowd. She found a place to stand so that she was facing all of them, squared her shoulders, and began.

"I've just come from the Senior Staff briefing," Syd said in her accented Federation Standard. She'd grown up speaking Kerelian, having learned Federation Standard only later when she went to school, and that had left her with an accent she hadn't bothered to eliminate. "Effective immediately, I've been made Chief Engineer. This is not an Acting position. As I understand it, its permanent."

"What about the Chief," Reyes called out. "I mean Lieutenant Kang? Any word?"

"Lieutenant Kang remains in a medically induced coma. I don't know the prognosis but, as I understand it, its not good. I'm sorry." She waited for a moment for reactions. Muted mostly but that happened with the level of exhaustion they were all feeling but for the most part, accepting of the change which meant one less battle to fight in the coming days. "We've returned to our own time but there's a problem as I'm sure you've all heard. Things have changed substantially in our timeline. That's not something that can be fixed today and I'm sure that a lot of really smart people will be working on that but for now, there's work to be done. Work that we can do and there's a lot of it. We're going to attack this in shifts. Give people a chance to get something to eat, grab a little sleep. For now, can I see a show of hands ... those who feel awake enough to take the first shift?"

She had to smile at the sea of hands that flew up. Reed's was the highest but then, at 6'5", he had quite the reach. Reyes had both hands up and was doing jazz hands. Sovek had raised one finger and when her gaze found his own, he quirked an eyebrow expressively. Lapid raised his off hand and used his other to remove the earring that for Bajorans held great significance and for Lapid, meant that he was ready to work. MacInnes' hand was bouncing up and down because he had a habit of bouncing on the balls of his feet; fresh out of the Academy, he had a seemingly limitless source of energy to call upon. Mar, Engineering's only Deltan, managed to make even the simple act of raising his hand look ... interesting. Lucchese had been consoling one of the younger engineers but his hand shot up immediately and after a moment and a quick swipe at her tears, so did the young woman beside him. And then there was Hallahan. The ship's new Chief Engineer watched her problem-child flip her long mane of red-gold hair over one shoulder and sigh dramatically before raising her own ringed hand.

"Okay then. For now, everyone continue with the diagnostics as I outlined earlier. I'll post the job sheet shortly along with the duty roster and thank you everyone for your dedication and hard work. Dismissed. All except you, Hallahan. You come with me."

[Chief Engineer's Office]

Someone had already been in to box up and remove Lieutenant Kang's personal effects which was a relief. Bad enough getting promoted because of someone else's misfortune. Worse would have been having to clear out her gear. With everything else that was going on, she sent up a silent thank you to the considerate soul who had taken care of that onerous task. Sydri moved behind the desk and turned to see Hallahan enter. Slender and well-proportioned, Mary Catherine Hallahan had a mane of red-gold hair that Sydri privately estimated probably took a solid half hour to curl every morning and was fond of ... tossing it about to accentuate her statements. Hallahan walked up to the desk and then flopped immediately into the nearest chair with an exaggerated sigh.

"You seem to be under the misguided belief that this is a social call. It is not," Sydri said, her alto voice dropping to a low growl as she added, "stand up."

Hallahan rose, her left index finger absorbed in the task of curling a lock of her hair, her full lips drawn into a tight line. Her life had been easy under Lieutenant Kang and she tended to see Engineering in the same way that a hunter viewed territory known to be abundant in prey. Hers for the taking. She knew every available male on all three shifts and flirted with as many as she could. Life had its priorities and Mary Catherine knew hers.

"Are you aware of the dress code for the Engineering staff, petty officer," Sydri asked mildly. The tone was deceptive as any one of her five brothers could attest.

"Um ... yeah," Mary Catherine answered. Engineers were required to keep their hair tied back in, what to her mind, were dreadfully unflattering styles that would prevent long hair from getting caught in the equipment. Worse, they were not permitted to wear any sort of jewelry. That had never been much of an issue for her since she had become adept at getting others to do the work for her under the guise of showing her. The idea that that could change was not a pleasant one. Still, she consoled herself, I generally work second shift so I won't see this one every day and what she doesn't know ...

"I'm moving you to Alpha Shift effective immediately and I expect you to conform to our standard of dress. Have I made myself clear?" The measure wasn't punitive in that Hallahan was the weakest member of the department from an maintenance viewpoint but brilliant at navigating bureaucratic waters. In had long been in Sydri's mind to a) bring Hallahan into line with department standards and then, b) use her in tasks relating to inventory, parts retrieval, and managing reports. Not particularly technical but a better use of her skills. "You'll be in the first group for food and sleep. After that, I want you to report back. I have some new duties for you that I think will better suit your skill set."

"Oh," Mary Catherine asked. While not brilliant, she was clever within her limits and knew that she needed to ingratiate herself with the new Chief as she had done with the last one. It was just a matter of working the system and that she could do. "What duties would that be?"

"You're going to be in Job Control," Sydri said. More clerical in nature, Job Control ensured that every maintenance action performed by Engineering was logged into the system and tagged appropriately. If parts were needed, Job Control liaised with the other departments to ensure that the engineers had what they needed to complete the work. If parts were damaged, Job Control made sure that what could be fixed was and what couldn't was sent to the industrial replicators. Job Control talked to everyone and ensured that the Chief Engineer had a clear picture of the status of each job in the shift reports.

"Okay ... Chief," Mary Catherine said. Sydri could all but see the calculations running through her wide blue eyes just as she saw the moment when the possibilities registered. "Can I go now?"

"Yes," Sydri said. "Remember what I said though. Bind up that hair, stop wearing jewelry, or the next task I give you will involve a toothbrush and the exhaust manifolds." Mary Catherine's perfectly oval face blanched to a very satisfying shade of fish belly white at least in Sydri's estimation. "You are dismissed."

She watched Hallahan go before adjusting the chair to suit her own frame, ordering herself a cup of coffee and settling in to work -- job list and duty roster came first. Focus on specifics. Leave the 'what ifs' for later. Much later.

Lt. Sydri Bardan
Chief Engineer
USS Odin


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