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SD241910.30||Roman Gant||Catching Up

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Mission: Tyr's Hand
Location: Private Quarters - Roman Gant

There was an order to things. Shower. Clean clothes. Food. Possibly sleep. But of course none of that could happen. Roman sat down at the workstation and began a dialog with the computer. Time well spent though his body clamored for attention the whole long while. He read through information on replicators, sonic showers, and basically every other system he had access to in his quarters then cross-checked that with information on how the systems worked which provided to be fascinating.

He'd been a boy during the first World War and by the time, Hitler had begun his march to power, Roman had been an adult who was unwilling to serve in the German military. He and Vater had taken to the wilderness and strategized on what they could or should do. In the end, they'd become a resistance cell of two, using their shapeshifting abilities to go unnoticed, as they helped save scientists and musicians and painters and teachers from the camps. Not enough of course compared to so many who were lost but every life saved, mattered. Those had been difficult, dangerous times but there had also been moments when he'd listened and learned. Impassioned conversations about philosophy, science, and ethics around a campfire while they'd taken turns doing guard duty, usually as wolves. It had been in those years that his love of learning had been born and while he'd never been in a formal classroom, he was still well educated but more importantly, he'd perfected the art of learning on his own.

He worked out, with the computer's assistance, a basic reading plan and loaded a lot of the material onto a PADD. What a luxury! To have so much to read and have it all contained in such a small package. He placed the PADD on the table and turned his attention to basic necessities.
He showered and shaved, replicated a pair of loose-fitting, drawstring pants, and ordered dinner. Dinner had proven to be the most difficult task since, for the majority of his life, food choices had been extremely limited, controlled by circumstances more than anything else. In the end, he opted for things he knew - roast chicken and baked potatoes and because vegetables were never something he took for granted, he added string beans and topped it off with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc.

"Computer, play Mozart's piano concerto number 23," he said. The computer complied and Roman sat down to eat. He ate slowly with better manners than one would expect of someone who'd lived rough most of his life. The combination of food and music and quiet relaxed him and restored the inner peace he relied upon. His life had never been quiet or easy, far from it. The last year though, homesteading in Alaska, had been peaceful. Hard ... but peaceful. Until of course his decision to help a woman in need upended his entire life.

He was yawning by the time he finished dinner and returned the dishes, after some research, for recycling. He took the PADD to bed and feel asleep reading about Earth's first contact with alien life. Well, he thought with another yawn, second contact


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