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SD241911.?? || Plot Log || "Ironsights"

Posted on 06 Nov 2019 @ 10:55am by Major General Sadie Stanton & Captain Mallory Thorne

Mission: Tyr's Hand

=/\= Begin Log =/\=

The air on the bridge was tense, to the point of taking on a physical form and sitting next to the captain, as the ship came up to the Terran Union starbase.

Solaris Station loomed before them on the viewscreen, a spinning hive of activity as ships of all shapes and sizes came and went, and none of them at all like Mallory was familiar with. The station was unlike what she was used to as well, with two close-locked rings on one side and one on the other with the bulk of the station in between. What she noticed after a moment, as they drew nearer, was that none of the larger ships were docking with it. They all held position nearby and smaller craft launched between ship and station. It was the one of these holding patterns that the Odin was directed.

"General Stanton is requesting permission to come aboard," was announced. The sound seemed oddly sudden and out of place in the current silence.

"Request?" Mal repeated. She was shocked the woman she'd seen on that other ship even knew the meaning of the word. Part of her wanted to say "NO" before promptly running off the bridge, screaming and waving her hands wildly overhead, but she kept her composure. "Granted. I will meet her at the transporter room."

"Sir, she's coming over by shuttle."

"...alright. I'll meet her in the shuttlebay."

Mallory left the bridge in charge of...someone. Whoever was there. The captain was so weary and there had been so many lost, she couldn't even keep track of them all. She assured the security officer at the bridge station that she would do this alone, because there were few options. After that, she made the long walk down halls and turbolift rides until she reached deck four and the main shuttlebay. She walked in and watched as a small shuttle came through the atmospheric field, then the bay doors shut and the shuttle's hatch popped open.

General Stanton was a shorter woman than Mal had expected, after their only long-distance interaction thus far, but she carried herself like she was bigger than the starship. She marched down the ramp with one other, clearly a guard, just behind and to her left; Mal noted this was the organic eye side.

"General," Mal greeted solemnly, just like she would with any 'guest' of her ship.

"Captain," Stanton replied likewise.

After that, the two women just stared at one another for several moments.

Mallory broke first, if only because she was tired of standing there doing nothing. "I imagine we have much to discuss, but since we're basically your prisoner, I think you're the one who has to begin. General."

The dark brow over the cybernetic eye arched, but the general smiled. "You're not under arrest any more. I know you're displeased with our access to your database, but can you honestly tell me that you wouldn't have done the same if the situations were reversed and you could?"

"No," Mal relented grudgingly after a moment. "I suppose I can't." She gestured for Stanton to walk with her to at least get somewhere more comfortable. After all, no one had started shooting, so that was a good start. "What changed your mind?"

"Opposition research," the general said as they fell into step together. Mal had a mind that this was akin to welcoming an uncertain diplomat aboard for a talk. She would get them to a briefing room, and then...hope for the best. "The evidence supports your story, including things that would be...difficult, at best, to fake. Your files suggest a very different life than ours, of course--one far more devoted to peace and diplomacy and exploration."

There was something about the way she said it that reminded Mal of someone eating something distasteful, or at least like...suddenly, the Odin was considered 'less than.' Her hackles rose again, but she stuffed it down.

"Your ship is obviously in a terrible state. It does have teeth," Stanton went on. "But...honestly, we don't deem you much of a threat." She cast a sidelong half-smile at the captain. "I don't actually mean offense, but you need the truth."

"It may be the truth from your perspective, but don't expect me to like it," Mal said bluntly.

Stanton laughed...ish? It was more of a bark than anything, but there was a tinge of amusement to its color. "Of course not. However, it means that we are not going shoot you. Unless you do something truly stupid. To help avoid that, there will be some...provisions if you wish any sort of freedom while you sort yourselves out."

If we sort ourselves out, you'll cease to exist. Mallory resisted saying that one aloud.

The three entered the turbolift and went to deck five, where there were VIP quarters and small meetings rooms. They didn't say anything more until they were in one of these rooms. Both women sat at the table, directly across from one another, while the guard stood near the door.

"What...provisions?" Mal asked coldly.

"You'll need to stay at Solaris for a time longer, but once you depart the station, you'll be required to carry union personnel."

Mal's eyes widened. "Excuse me?"

Stanton didn't bat an eye. You know, the one eye that could bat. "It's very simple. While we don't deem you a top-level threat and we have no desire to babysit a misplaced vessel, we also aren't just going to set you loose in our space. Even if not a matter of our safety, it's a matter of yours. You know nothing about this time period, obviously. Who knows what damage you could do to yourself or others? So, you will be required to have a Terran Union observer as well as a few members of union personnel."

The captain of the Odin took a slow, deep breath. "And if I refuse to have spies aboard?"

"Then you'll remain here at Solaris under ship arrest. Any attempt to attack or flee will be met with force," the general replied with frightening casualness.

Mallory remained silent, all but biting her tongue off, as her mind raced.

No matter what she thought, however, it all came back to one thing:

What other choice did she have right now?

"Fine," Mal all but spat. She would play along, but only as long as she had to.

=/\= To Be Continued...


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