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Lieutenant Colonel Marcus Raynor

Name Marcus 'Wraith' Raynor

Position Commander, Air Group

Second Position Squadron Leader 'Ravens'

Rank Lieutenant Colonel

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Union-Terran/Betazoid
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 1.9m
Weight 98kg
Hair Color Sandy Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Wraith nearly fills every cubic centimeter of the cockpit, standing at almost two meters in height. He has boyish features over a set of broad shoulders, and has long since taken to wearing a scruffy beard to lend more 'age' to his face.


Father Malcolm Raynor
Mother Malket Antari
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Marcus is a fiercely loyal person, to his friends and those he trusts. He values this trust above all other things. He is stubbornly independent, and unwilling to suffer fools. Although slow to anger, at no point has he backed down from a fight, whther it be from a Bolians to Brikar. He's never been much of a fan of women who liked him for his boyish good-looks, and has resulted in his haphazard grooming style and perpetual dishevelment. He is a personable fellow, and relaxed even while on duty. He knows the price of keeping things too tight, but isn't one to let things go so loose as to lose their edge.
Strengths & Weaknesses Raynor, Marcus U. recognized as a determined and capable individual, schooled in the ways of combat and tactics and instilled with a driven personality. Has sought self improvement on numerous occasions, excelling from an enlistedman to Officer Candidate School. Continually pushes himself to excel. Displays steadiness under pressure.

Raynor has shown an unusually calm and aloof manor on liberty following unofficial reprimand aboard Halifax. Proven on countless occasions that he is capable of seeing that a task is completed, no matter the cost.

Has instilled great loyalty in a number of squadron members, former and current. However, has become known to engage Flag-level command decisions until satisfied with results.
Hobbies & Interests


Personal History 'Wraith' has always had a flare for making a sound opening statement; whether it's racing to a commanding lead in whichever sport catches his fancy, Wraith has always left an impression. Raised by his Betazoid mother from the age of six, Marcus Raynor made life interesting for her by displaying many of his father's traits, despite the older Raynor having little to no influence on the younger's life whatsoever. Wraith was a uniquely adaptive child growing up, fitting in well amongst most in school. Those he did not fit in so well with, he let know quite blatantly what he thought about them. Usually this required intervention by at least two others to pull him off of them.

Once out of high school, Marcus enlisted in Starfleet at the surprise of his mother, who knew nothing of it until he had already shipped out. He began his career in tactical, but showed a natural-born talent for command. At twenty-two he applied and was accepted into Officer Candidate School. At twenty-four he earned his wings as a Starfighter pilot, and by the time he was twenty-seven he had distinguished himself as a formidable fighter opponent, having acquitted himself as a skilled Interceptor pilot against Cardassian dissidents and Breen excursions into Cardassian space while his squadron was serving as part of of Cardassian Support Force Three-One.

Throughout his young career Wraith has shown an unwavering bravery in supporting his fellow crew in hostile conflict. Although considered for becoming a Flight Instructor at the Olympus Mons Flight Range, Raynor has remained committed to his career as a pilot, feeling most at home serving on deep space assignments than being planet-side.
Service Record * Enlists in Starfleet; completes Basic Training, assigned as torpedoman's mate aboard USS Halifax.

* Advances to rate of Petty Officer, 2nd Class. Tranferred to USS Thomas Paine security detachment.

* Advances to rate of Petty Officer, 1st Class. Transferred to USS Lexington.

*At rate of Chief Petty Officer, applies for and is accepted to Officer Candidate School. Graduates at rank of Ensign, and accepted into Advanced Flight School on

*Assigned to starfighter group aboard USS Odin. Advances to rank of Lieutenant.

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